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Posted on 2006.08.21 at 00:30
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U no when something is wrong and u shouldn't wanna it do it but u still wanna it do it anyways? Y? when like ur like in a diet and u shouldn't eat da cake but u whole ahead and eat it anywayz..tha's how i feel rite now i wanna eat da cake even though i'm not suppose too. is weird. work was good today.JOnny=doosh. Vicky=Smart ally lol
Snow patrol<3<3
I have some good news.I might be getting a car pronto.Sweeeeeeeeeeeet!!
ummm....its sooo weird what i feel everytime i hold a microphone is just feels soo good soo comfortable like i'm just meant to be there is idk on thursday i wasn't suppose to sang at church plus when i got there da service had already started but Jc ask me if i wanna it to sing and in a heartbeat i said yes and just went to da front and grab the microphone and started singing with Jean and Jay. like even if i don't wanna sing for the Youth service I can't help it. is like something i have to do. I just feel it. and it felt soo good holding da microphone between my hands...it just felt soo like it just completed me it made sound lame or whatevar but tha's one of da most amazing feeling i have had in a long time.

Live to da fullest b/c we only live life once!!!


emily_michie at 2006-08-20 16:50 (UTC) (Link)
What is your cake?You should canta a la mundo.
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